Friday, November 21 | 10:40 am


a close-up; all the better to drool over.
(omg exquisite!)

how darling!

urbanoutfitters, usd$68.

omg GIMME GIMMEGIMME! recently took to browsing fashion websites, and with that online shopping services too. unhealthy, VERY unhealthy. (i swear, that's what it's called) links celeb fashion with shopper heaven. omg no. THANKFULLY however (yet sadly), these sites do not ship internationally. while that might make you think: well good then, you can't actually purchase anything.. TO THE CONTRARY! it's driving me crazy! i obsess so much, i hop from site to site.. never having my fill! i mean what is this?! can see can dream but cannot have!? EVIL PURE EVIL.

wanna see some of my topshop fancies? okay who cares what you think, this is for ME ME ME. :D privacy is liberating!

leather chain handle shopper, tan.

leather shoulder bag, teal.

leather 3 buckle satchel, grey.

(i don't want ALL the bags, i just think they're ALL gorgeous. yumm.)

duke black lace boots.

denim tunic dress by boutique.

mission: to sg topshop in search!

Monday, October 27 | 10:18 pm

strangers who wish the best for you = heartwarming.

thank you (:

Wednesday, October 22 | 6:24 pm

i slipped on my purple shades, released the brake and shifted into gear. i felt empowered.

i turned up the volume. suddenly i see by kt tunstall. i smiled to myself. and for no reason at all, it was one of the best mornings.

Friday, October 10 | 1:29 am

gosh how could i forget! (guilty)

hari raya with my beloved family (:
forgive me mummy and daddy for i have been bad. but you know i love you! ;)

selamat hari raya all! forgive and forget pls (:

| 12:44 am

inspired by the latest tag. thank you (:

we were discussing a Nature paper that studied 4 transcription factors - Sox2, Oct4, Nanog and Tcf3. and one of the PIs makes a very smart observation. "you know, if you line up the first letters of the Tfs they studied.. they spell snot."

i'm really loving my superiors. we have little chats here and there as we work, and i really love that we can kid around. i think i'm pretty alright with comebacks and witty lines, but sometimes andrew is just unbelievable. the things he says! and i'm half-stunned and like wha-a?? literally leaves me speechless! god, andrew's such a slapper. HAHA

i do wanna revive this blog, or at least a blog. to chronicle my PhD journey, i'd like that. anecdotes i'd just like to put down and keep.

i'm really glad i'm on this journey. (:

OH! you know what my bosses said to me the other day?? okay, i don't wanna jump the gun or jinx it but, i must put it down! mynn and andrew were discussing plans for a conference next year. wait, let me rephrase that. they were discussing THE conference to go to for stem cell researchers. THE conference by THE International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR). the one that's gonna be held in barcelona next july.

and suddenly andrew turns to me, "how about you? are you covered for conferences?"

"well, yeah i am covered, but i have to present (at the conference) in order to claim."

"ah don't worry about (presenting). but you should go. it's good exposure. yeah, you should go."

my boss rocks.

did i say barcelona? in summer! yeah baby. (:

Sunday, August 31 | 5:05 pm

i doubt anybody reads this anymore. :)

at first, i was a little apprehensive coming back to the lab. after always being in one for the past two years straight, i had what felt like a GIANT holiday away from it - four whole months, i mean whoopee! and i could feel it too. like holding a pipette-aid felt strange (yet comforting. yani you nerd.) and i was afraid i might trip up somewhere along the way.. with my boss watching me!

but two days in, i got into the swing of things and putting on the lab coat gave me this odd yet familiar feeling of.. being at home? (garrh!) i was in my element. :)

as you can see, i still need to come to terms with my nerdy scientific self.

my boss is terrific. plus chop! i mean, i could recount the ways but nah i shan't, just cause. my post-doc is lagi terrific! :) :) i'm really happy to have them guiding me, i mean honestly, i don't know where else i can get such great support. to sum it up, they really go out of their way to make sure i'm ok. it doesn't sound like much summed up like that, but i guess only i need to know how much they've done and are willing to do for me. :)

so i have a PI (whom i've yet to meet, he's canadian and has long hair, therefore he's cool) a boss (a research scientist with a world of experience who's half brit and half jamaican, so he must be cool) and a post-doc (who's worked with qiagen and THAT is cool).

in short, i'm happy and hopeful :)

so back to the 13pg paper i was reading.